How much will it cost, and when do I pay?

“How much will it cost?” is a question I am often asked in the first phone call or email. Quite reasonably, you will want to know what sort of expenditure might be involved in employing a garden designer, but this depends on what you want me to do, it is extremely difficult to give a quotation by email/telephone: I will need to visit the garden and discuss your needs before I can provide a quotation.

Initial Consultation

My fees for an initial consultation, which usually amount to about 2 hours spent with you, are £125. This sum includes my travel expenses within 1 hour drive of my working base in Chiswick, West London. After this meeting you will receive my written proposals for your garden.

The standing charge for this initial consultation is payable at the end of the visit.

Design Work

My aim is to be open about costs. If you commission a design I base my charges for producing a detailed design drawing (Outline Plan) on £45 an hour . Every project is different so it is difficult to be precise.

As an example, a design drawing for a garden of 10 x 5 metres could be in the region of £250-£400. A typical suburban back garden can take about 8-10 hours to get to a finished plan – which would be in the region of £360 to £450. Obviously, the larger the garden, and the more complicated the site (perhaps one with many changes of level) the longer it will take to arrive at the final plan, but you will always receive a written estimate to guide you. These prices are for the drawing alone.

50% of the design fee is payable at the time of commission, with the balance due on immediate receipt of the Outline Plan.

Planting Plan

Almost all clients require a detailed Planting Plan showing the exact numbers and location of all plants, as well as their final spread. This Planting Plan will be quoted for separately as its cost is dependent on the planting area, style and impact required. Along with this you will also receive a Planting Schedule listing all plants by type, variety and pot size so that you have the correct information for nurseries and contractors.

Fees are payable on immediate receipt of the Planting Plan and Plant Schedule.

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