Oak Steps


To renovate a series of stone steps that were very uneven in both height of the step (the riser) and the width of the step (the tread) a combination of which made walking up the steps uncomfortable and at times dangerous.
By using new oak sleepers cut to width we could build a series of steps that were consistent in risers and treads. Concrete was placed under the treads to stabilise the ground and each sleeper was screwed to its neighbour using 150mm and 200mm long timberfixings. Each tread was fitted with a non-slip deck board (not exactly pretty but much safer than slippery wood)

This project was quite taxing both phyically and mentally as all the materials had to come through the house and several doorways and then down the existing steps. Each of those sleepers weights around 50 kg or more. Then we had to cope with getting an even rise for each step to fit in with existing ground levels and garden features.
The end result
A bespoke set of oak steps that are much more user friendly and safer to walk up, they look great and will last for years. Customers were delighted with the finish.That was a lot of work !

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