Small Back Garden

Sadly I cannot find the pictures of before we started this project, but essentially we had a rectangular back garden which was rather untidy and with not much visual appeal. The task was to come up with something that would ensure that our client wanted to get out and use the garden.

Raised borders were constructed using Purbeck stone, soil dug out for footings was placed behind the walls and we then topped up with a fantastic mix of eco-compost/screened topsoil. To the rear boundary and one side we planted Hornbeam which was then tied to horizontal wires (pleaching) which were in turn attached to a framework of uprights with special tensioning bolts to keep the wires taught.

We re-used existing paving and then covered the open ground with a compacted layer of crushed limestone (this gives a solid and reasonably porous base). Over this was laid a geo-textile membrane which serves to stop weeds and the final surface from migrating down into the sub-base.

This project was difficult as all the materials had to come through the a lean to shed that was attached to the house. In all we probably moved 40 tonnes of materials through a shed that was just wide enough for a wheel barrow, it’s amazing we had any knuckles left by the end of the job.

The end result
The client was, and still is, absolutely thrilled by the finish. I pop in a few times a year to give advice and take a few more pictures!


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