Small London Garden

We started with a very typical garden, for a terraced house in London, a rectangular back garden which was rather untidy and with not much visual appeal. The task was to come up with something with a strong visual appeal that would ensure that our client wanted to get out and use the garden.

Raised borders were constructed using Indian Sandstone set vertically, soil dug out for footings was placed behind the walls (as these houses were built on old allotments we were really lucky to find some great topsoil). By digging really deep footings for the paved areas we were able to use up all the hardcore that was on site, from walls we had to demolish, plus all the paving that was already in the garden. New fences were erected to both sides of the garden to replace the tired fencing that was already there.

We laid a brick path using some lovely red stock bricks that fade really well and last for years which look great when placed next to the sandstone..

This project was difficult as all the materials had to come through the the house and to make matters even more difficult we couldnt even get a wheelbarrow through so had to carry many tonnes of bricks, ballast, sand, slabs and fencing materials. Every day we ensured that carpets were vaccumed, kitchen and bathroom cleaned and everything left spick and span.

The end result
I think this garden looks great! There are several places to sit and when the shrubs and planting grow then there should be seasonal interest all year around.IMG_6951


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